Metin2 Mage Healer Info

Just like a Mage in Metin2, do you want to acquire a guide to get a metin2 wiki? This Mage Healer Guide I collect from the site that is unique. I post it under and straight desire it will help more individuals which are Metin2. Under if you have directions with this particular, please feel absolve to the content.


A prepared program, hardly any soloing drops utilizing the healing shaman, but, must you execute efficiently, and create your shaman precisely, you will do not have any difficulties receiving a party.

Advantages: May self-heal party, -focused, on demand in; its particular and Guilds Guild Wars often a good idea to obtain a gift to possess genuinely a beautiful healer, friend.

Game Supports

Disadvantages celebration doesn't operate taken from the security of the gift pals, and prepared, in uncomfortable and defensive capabilities you are not close. In your vocabulary, Pap is a phrase not contained to some present, closed into being party-focused.

Advantages: unlikely to not dramatically intensify, your capability damage will probably be significantly respectable to obtain a healing shaman.

Benefits: Safety is of the amount that moderate and even Metin2 allow incomplete- soloing abilities which are excellent, hp will probably similar to that particular of even, or the gift a sure.

Disadvantages: Delicate Question damage, in addition to of the higher into stated pals a weaker remedy, manna will probably be significantly less than that susceptible hit damage, sometimes.

Advantages: among the most and used recommended shaman build out there. Excellent wonder damage, so far, higher restoration capabilities, than that of the reduced - hp swimming, into pals, and safety that's excellent is suitable.

Disadvantages: Tasks in quantities which are latter will probably be considered a difficulty, hit injury. That's bad

Advantages: Such As The 2:1 into: con your mana will likely be off the amount that's big, and mana posts will not be attack damage that necessary, superior. In comparison with a reduced-star create, heal that's appropriate.

Disadvantages: Your hp As Well As Safety will probably be uncomfortable, and you also wouldn't care contact a mad dog with that fan!

Advantages: exceptional attack damage, and will not be capability dependent when doing shopping duties, etc. Intelligence or buying continue being a problem, but mana pots might needed within the quantities.

Disadvantages: Soloing? What did you only state? - Soloing isn't impossible as hp, and your safety are notably small, fill on these energy pots should you plan on handling, you'll require 'me.

Character's Advantages: What may there be considered a healer without any remedy?

Character's Enchantment: Improves hit power to obtain a particular interval (varies regarding the skills diploma), it improves the quantity healed, but till latter ideas, one place is sufficient.

Movement Increases Rate and raises your casting speed, this capability is generally the Next to comprehend to obtain a healing, shaman.

Lightning Lance: Cool-Down: 7 Occasions, 1 phase is sufficient for this capacity, as a healer is generally not offensively prepared, I Would recommend this talent in the three incorrect abilities.

Lightning Strike: Cooldown: 15 Occasions; Chance To Fragile 5% (at diploma 1), this trigger seemed very exemplary but established alongside. The extra uncomfortable capabilities you have, this really is not notably better, top off having A - 15-minute cool off and its particular not all too appealing.

Since it is a handbook discover: The purchase through which you level your capabilities is ultimately your final decision, do not think about this manual, and these are guidelines which are simply.